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The value of your investment is not guaranteed.  Past performace is not a guide to future returns.  The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back what you originally invested.


Arguably, we all need to have some form of savings and investments. The question is where to save? This all depends on what your goals are and what you are saving for and also whether you are saving for growth or income? The next problem for most people is where to put their money? When addressing these questions we need to distinguish between savings and investments to understand which would be right for you.


Savings are typically required for the immediate or shorter term planned expenses such as holidays, new car or home improvements. These tend to be held in cash or cashed based funds and are relatively quick to access. More importantly, there is no risk of capital fluctuations. We also recommend keeping readily accessible funds aside for emergencies or unexpected events before you commit to any investment. This will also minimise the need to break any investment plan prematurely particularly at inopportune moments.


Investment planning tends to be for your medium to longer term plans or goals (typically 5 years plus) such as your children's education or wedding. When most people hear the word investment, they think of the word risk and most people want the highest return possible with no risk. This does not exist. We help you understand investments and the relationship between risk and reward.


With an array of investments options and vehicles to choose from where do you start?


We believe it is our job to sit down with our clients' to understand what their needs and goals are and what it is they are trying to achieve. We take into account our clients' financial circumstances, tax position and attitude to risk to make sure that we recommend solutions tailored to your needs. Through on-going reviews, we can ensure the best chance that your objective will be met.


Please feel free to contact us for more information on the above or on all your investment planning options.

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